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 The bigoted American and Western press naturally depicted "The Armenian Question" almost entirely from the perspective of Armenian and WWI propaganda. But even with some of these articles, the inconsistencies of the "genocide" tale slipped through; sometimes the newspapers even released accounts of the Armenians' belligerence. Little did the Western nations realize that with the immigration of their beloved Armenians, the nations would soon be needing to deal with the terror tactics of the extremists among the Armenians. These gruesome stories made the headlines often enough that Armenians were even cast as villains in crime stories. Such was the dishonesty, racism and hypocrisy of the West, however, that even though they personally got a firsthand taste of what the Armenians were capable of, they would still be represented as the poor, innocent victims at the hands of the savage, Terrible Turks.

This page will spotlight articles of Armenian terror appearing in the American press, as well as others of interest, taking place during the decade of the 1900s. (For 1900s accounts of acts against Turks, visit TAT's other 1900s news page.)

The final article is from 1933; the 1900s terror committed in the West appears to have been dominated by the Hunchaks, and it seemed fair to throw in a Dashnak example for good measure.

Many thanks to Gokalp.


)   Police are Baffled
2)   Meets with Tragic Death
3)   The Armenian Vendetta / British Ambassador's Salary
4)   The Victim was a Terrorist
5)   Suffocated in a Trunk
6)   Priest's Murder Political Plot
7)   Armenian Murder Trust
8)   "Believe Me, You Die"
9)   Armenian Priest is Indicted
Investigating Plots of Armenian Blackmailers
11) A "Death Warrant"
Society of Murderers Has a Written Constitution
13) Hunchaks' Bloodthirsty Constitution
14) Origin and Degeneration of Murderous Hunchakist Society
15) Organized Armenian Assassins Arrested
16) Hunchak Den Found Stocked Up with Weapons
17) Ringleaders Confess
18) Is Priest a Murderer?
19) Armenians in Violent Pact
20) Locate Murderers of Armenian Priest
21) Hamparsum Boyadjian or "Murad" in USA
22) Assassination Traced to New York
23) Say He Guided Assassin
24) Assassin is Put to Death

25) Archbishop of Armenian Church is Assassinated (1933)

Police are Baffled

(Emphasis in the article text is Holdwater's.)
The Connellsville Courier (Pennsylvania), Oct. 28, 1903

[Shorter version in Coshocton Daily Age (Ohio), The Daily Herald (Ohio), Daily Kennebec Journal, all dated Oct. 28, 1903.]


Assassination of Armenian Revolutionist Shrouded in Mystery.


Two Clews Left — American-Made Hat and Pistol — Boldness Creates Universal Sensation — Armenian from United States Believed Guilty.

London, Oct. 28.— Sagatel Sagouni, president of the Armenian revolutionary society, was murdered at the doorstep of his lodgings in Nunhead, an unpretentious little suburb of London, late Monday evening.

The murder presumably was committed by a fellow Armenian recently from the United States. The assassination had a political motive and was characterized by a boldness to which London has seldom been treated. It created an unusual sensation here since it appears to have been only an incident in a long and bitter vendetta between factions of Armenian revolutionists. The attempted murder of Kureghian, in Boston, the recent killing in Switzerland and the assassination of the most prominent Armenian in London, are so far achievements credited to the Armenian radicals here. It is said that two members of the opposition party have already been killed in Russia, though the London Armenian, revolutionary committee denies both knowledge and responsibility for the crime.

Prelude to Bitter Feud.

It is generally expected that Sagouni's death is only the prelude to other chapters in the story of a bitter feud. The murderer, who has not yet been apprehended, left In the hands of the police two clews — a soft felt hat bearing the name of an American clothing firm and an automatic pistol of a recent American make.

Members of the Armenian committee here express themselves as certain that the murder is the work of an Alfarist member of the radical minority. The police are following up all clews suggested by Sagouni's associates. What may be a positive coincidence is suggested by the fact that the Alfarist headquarters In London were recently closed, the members scattering to Egypt. Smyrna and. America.

The Macedonian committee attempted to co-operate with the Armenian committee In an anti-Turkish revolution in 1895, but subsequently withdrew because of the internecine strife of the Armenians.

Armenian Sentenced In Boston.

Boston. Oct. 29.— Coincident with the murder in London of Sagatel Sagouni was the sentencing here of Samuel Gulesian. an Armenian, to a term in state prison of not more than 12 and not less than nine years for an assault, with murderous intent on Peter Kareghian, editor of an Armenian paper.

Judge Stevens, in imposing the sentence, asserted that the crime no doubt was of a political nature. Gulesian and Kareghian were members of rival Armenian societies and the shooting of the latter on July 7 last grew out of the enmity which existed between the members of the two organizations. Gulesian is only 19 years old and is said to be the only one of his family who survived the recent massacres in his native land.

Meets with Tragic Death

The Lima Times Democrat?,
Oct. 27, 1903



President of Armenian Society Assassinated on His Return to London.

His Society Was Entirely Passive, Devoted Its Money to Charity and Vigorously Opposed Violence. That Is Considered the Cause of Act.

London, Oct. 27.—Sagatel Sagouni. president of the Armenian revolutionary society in London, was murdered in the suburb of Nunhead, late yesterday evening. The crime hae created a sensation as It has every appearance of being of a political character, and has been preceded by the assassination of other officials or branches of the same society on the continent.

Sagouni, who only returned to London yesterday, after settling up the affairs of an associate in Switzerland, who was recently assassinated by stabbing, was entering his residence when a man rushed across the road and then fired [ten?] shots at Sagouni in quick succession. the last bullet entering the region of the heart. The murderer. who appeared to be a foreigner, fled. The only clues to the man [in possession of the authorities] are a felt hat and a silver plated revolver, made in New York, which he dropped in his flight,

The murdered man, who was a mining engineer, became wealthy in the Caucasus, and devoted his money to the Armenian cause. His society was entirely passive and opposed to violence, and it is thought this attitude [inspired?] the advanced section of the Armenians with the desire for vengeance, the latter claiming that Sagouni's society devoted funds to charities which would have been better applied to violent remedies for the Armenian grievances.

Sagouni is said to have moved to England from New York early in 1902, [?] stated that Sagouni's life had been threatened on account of his participation in the exposure of the editor of a Boston newspaper, a young Armenian, after the misappropriation of funds by a faction of the Armenian revolutionists. These men are alleged to have collected $20,000 in American, in 1902, and to have put the money in their own pockets, instead of pushing the propaganda for the emancipation of the Armenians, for which the money was subscribed.

The police are of the opinion that the assailant of Nazarbeck at Lausanne and the murderer of Sagouni, are identical.


In This Country Do Not Regard It As Very Significant.

London, Oct. 27.—The murder of Sagatel Sagouni, president of the Armenian revolutionary society, in London is not regarded as being of great political significance by Armenians in this country, but rather as a result of a bitter feeling which exists between two factions within the revolutionary party itself. In support of this view was cited the recent attempt to assassinate the Armenian leader in this city [?] members of revolutionary party tried to hold socialist views, which he [?declined?]. At the trial of the case an officer of the party testified that the members of the socialist wing had taken oath to remove "all obstructions in spreading their views.

The Armenian Vendetta / British Ambassador's Salary


New York Times, Oct. 31, 1903


Krikorian, Under Arrest at Boston, Denies Any Knowledge of Sagouni's Murder in London.

BOSTON, Oct 20.-Before a United States Commissioner to-day Vahtan Krlkorian, the Armenian poet, journalist, ana orator, who was arrested yesterday upon his 'arrival from London, where Sagatel Sagouni was murdered on Monday,. demanded to know on what charge he was being held.

Upon being told that the authorities of the country from whence he came charged ! him. with being a fugitive from justice and with having committed a political murder, Krlkorian demanded proof. This the Commissioner was unable to give at this time, and asked Krikorian to plead, which he did saying he was not guilty. Pending the arrival of direct charges Krikorian was sent back to jail.

During the proceedings several Armenians were present, including Editor Kureghlan of Young Armenia and Peter Kazeroas. The latter declared that they were in readiness to give testimony; but were informed that they would not be needed until later. To the local police Kureghian stated that Krikorian was the head of the London Central Committee and that it was he who ordered his (Kureghian's) murder and attempted personally to assassinate him several months ago when he was editing a paper in London.

Krikorian, while somewhat nervous, shows no great excitement over his detention. Several times to-day he denied that he knew anything of the murder, and stated positively that ne was never President or any officer of the Armenian Committee, nor of any other secret or revolutionary society. He said he had once been a member of the committee, but had severed his connection with it some time ago.

LONDON, Oct. 30.— At the headquarters of the Armenian revolutionists at Peckham, a suburb of this city, it is believed that Vahtan Krikorian, under arrest at Boston, is probably identical with the Armenian of that name who, with two others, named Shahriman and Arsonian, seceded three months ago and set up a rival society at Clapham, another suburb of London, where the Alfarists assembled. These three men are said to have disappeared in August. and It was thought they had gone to Cyprus,

Krikorian, who was formerly an Armenian Protestant preacher, is reported to have been hostile to Sagouni since the split in the society In 1902.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -


London Spectator Wants the Washington Post to be Better Paid Than Any Other.

LONDON, Oct. 31.— The Spectator to-day contends that as Washington has become the most important station in the British diplomatic service, the salary of the Ambassador ought to be raised to £10,000.

Should the salary of the Ambassador at Washington be increased to £10,000 a year he would be the best paid official of the British diplomatic service. At present the salary of the envoy at the American capital is £6.500. which is £1,000 more than Sir Henry Mortimer Durand has been receiving at Madrid.

The Madrid position is the worst paid of all the British Embassies. After it comes the Washington Embassy, and then the Embassy at Rome, to which a salary of £7,000 is attached; St. Petersburg, £7,800; Berlin, Vienna, and Constantinople, £8,000 each, and Paris, £9,000.

The Victim was a Terrorist


Daily Kennebec Journal, Nov. 3, 1903


Was Connected with Burning of American College at Mersivan.

London, Nov. 2.— A former resident of Constantinople, in an interview connects Sagatel Sagouni, the president of the Armenian Revolutionary Society in London, who was murdered in a London suburb, last week, with the burning in 1893 of the American College for Armenian girls at Mersivan, in Asia Minor. In an interview it is said that the college was destroyed by the Turkish authorities on the ground it harbored Armenian revolutionists.

Sagouni, the interviewer says, was charged with conveying messages of the college to the revolutionists but fled with his family to Baku, he being a Russian subject. He afterwards came to London, where the two English professors of the American College for Armenian Girls at Mersivan are now living.

Holdwater: Are we seeing a proud tradition, here? As the head of a Dashnak Armenian organization, Sagouni was a terrorist himself. Similarly, the chairman of another Dashnak organization, ANCA, Mourad Topalian, was convicted of terrorism. The ANCA-WR chairman running the show at the time of this writing, Steven John Dadaian, was probably a member of the L.A. Five.

Suffocated in a Trunk


The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, May 27, 1907



Crime Was Committed in Chicago Evidently, and the Trunk With Its Grewsome Contents Is Then Shipped to New York.

NEW YORK, May 26 — Rev. Father Casper, of the Armenian Apostolic church, of Hoboken, N. J., was murdered in this city some time last night. The body was found to-day in a trunk which had been left as security for their room rent by two Greeks, who three weeks ago, engaged a furnished room of Mrs. Henry Sheerer, who occupies the third floor of a tenement at 308 West Thirty-Seventh street. The body was in a kneeling posture with the head bound against the knees by a heavy strap that passed over the back of the neck, and was buckled under the shins. The murdered man was about sixty years old.

An undershirt of balbriggan and a cuff on the right wrist were all the body wore, but on top of it had been thrown three coats of clerical cut, a white laundered shirt, two pairs of black lace, shoes, a soft felt hat, two Roman collars and a detached cuff.

The police thought it possible that the body was shipped here by express from Chicago and the authorities of that city were asked to follow a clew, based on a meal ticket also found in the trunk. This ticket was issued by a restaurant at 1222 Halsted street, West Pullman, Chicago. Because of the condition of the body the manner of death was not immediately apparent Following an autopsy at the morgue two men were arrested on suspicion.

Mrs. Sheerer told the coroner that when the two men engaged the room In her home they described them-selves as Paul and John Sarkis, each about thirty-five years old. The men had been visited, she said, by a man wearing a clerical garb, who looked not unlike the murdered man. She thought that this man called at 8 o'clock last Wednesday morning.

Late Wednesday afternoon an ex press wagon brought to the house the trunk which later was found to contain the body. The autopsy developed that the neck had been broken as had one arm. Coroners' Physician Lehan declared, however, that death was due to suffocation.

The internal organs were congested and Dr. Lehan gave as his opinion that the man was thrust into the trunk while alive and the cover of the trunk held down until death [ensued].


CHICAGO, May 26— At the West Pullman address, 12,220 (correct) Halstead street, two Armenians conducted a restaurant until five months ago under the name of S. Ermoylan Brothers. The Chicago police learned to-night that on February 7, of this year, a trunk which is said to answer the description of that found in the New York boarding house, was shipped from West Pullman by express to Sarkis Ermoylan, 426 West Fortieth street. It was shipped by a man who gave his name as K. Konosian. Lewis B. McDonald, agent for the Adams Evpress company, at West Pullman, said that Kenosian told him that the trunk contained silks and was valued at $200. Search was begun at once for Kenosian.

Priest's Murder Political Plot


Trenton Evening News, May 27, 1907


By Publisher Press Direct wire.
New York May 27? — It Is now believed that Father Casper Haran, the Armenian Priest whose dead body was found stuffed in a trunk In a house on west Thirty-seventh street, was the victim of a political plot on the part of Servians and Armenians, who have been planning to overthrow the King of Servia.

It was said that the alleged plot was forming In this country, that the priest had secured Infomation of the plot and exposed It and that he was marked for death.

The names and an accurate description of the men who murdered the priest are said to be In possession of the police These are believed to have been working with Chicago Armenians for the reason that the trunk In which the body was brought here from Chicago. The murderers are believed to have drugged the priest and then while he was helpless forced his body into the trunk, leaving him to suffocate.

The suspects for whom the police are looking today are Paul Tiren and John Moonellin, Armenians, who were lodgers In the house where the body was found. The suspects brought In the trunk to the house and left it with the landlady as deposit for their room rent which was due. They had been lodgers in the house for several weeks and had always paid their bills promptly. The landlady was not suspicious and accepted their excuse of not having ready money on hand. The men had been gone three days when the trunk was opened by the police. Since then no trace of the missing men hm been found.

Armenian Murder Trust


The Lake County Times, July 24, 1907


Many Crimes Are Traced to Armenian Secret Society.

Chief Shippy and Chicago Police Think Headquarters Are in Chicago


As far as can be learned by the police, the following murders are the harvest of the murder trust to date :

Apik Unjian, Persian commissioner to tho Louisiana Purchase exposition, killed In Constantinople six months ago.

The Rev. Father Kaspar's body found cut to pieces In a trunk in New York a few months ago.

Hovhanes S. Tavshanjian, the richest Armenian in America; shot and killed in New York last Monday.

Two members of the Old Hunchakist, shot and killed in London two years ago.

In addition to this list it was learned that five years ago S. Sabahgoolian, the present head of the Old Hunchakist in Paris, was shot at and wounded in Boston by a member of the New Hunchakist, who was sent to prison for nine years.

The following have been marked lor death by the New Hunchakist, unless they pay $25,000 apiece to the society:

I. Gulbengian, J. Karaghensian, a nil K. Kazenjian, millionaire rug- dealers of New York.

Chicago is the clearing-house of the "murder trust."

The police learned last night that the "New Hunchakist," an Armenian secret society which sends its murderous emissaries all over the world to take the lives of men marked for death in its book of fate, has its central headquarters on the South Side in this city. The greed of money is behind the organization and money alone will save those whose names have been marked with the black cross, a symbol of the diabolical purpose of the organization.

Chief Shippy, through Detective Isaac Ter Isalan of the Cottage Grove avenue station, learned last night that the president of the society lives on the South Side and that, through his orders, many mysterious murders have occurred in the past, There are fourteen sworn members of the organization, whose betrayal of the trust imposed on each of them would mean immediate death.

Victims are Rich Men.

These fourteen men, skillful in the extreme with the favorite weapons of the New Hunchakist society, the dagger, hunt down their prey in every large city in the world. The men who are the victims of their blackmailing schemes are all rich men of the Armenian race.

In addition to the five murders that have been traced to the members of the "New Hunchakist" the police have discovered that the society has marked for death a half dozen Chicago Armenians of wealth, and three other merchants In New York, of whom they have demanded as blood money $25,000 each.

In trailing the clearing-house of the murder trust to Chicago the police have been aided by the discovery that every one of the five murders known to have been committed by the "New Hunchakist" were the acts of assassins sent out from Chicago.

The murder of Hovhanes S. Tavshanjian, the richest Armenian in America, in New York Monday, has resulted in disclosures which make it plain to the police that Chicago is the nest from which the assassins of the secret Hunchakist, more powerful and dreaded than the Italian Mafia, are being sent on their diabolical missions. Here it is that the men employed to kill those who refuse to pay tribute to the Hunchakist are schooled and supplied with money and passports for their murderous expeditions to all parts of the world, according to the police.

Two Previous Crimes.

In addition to the most recent tragedy, that in which the wealthy Hovhanes S, Tavshanjian met his end, two others within a few months have now been traced directly to the lair of this desperate band in Chicago. The first of these was that of the Persian commissioner to the Louisiana Purchase exposition, M. Unjin, who six months ago was killed In Constantinople because he would not pay 525,000 into the hands of the officers of the Chicago clearing-house of the desperate Hunchakist.

Shortly after its organization a plot was formulated by its directors for the purpose of blackmailing an amount of money from one of the wealthiest merchants of Constantinople, Apik Unjian, and the first attempt was successful, but upon the merchant's refusal at their second demand he paid the penalty with his life. The perpetrators of that deed were sent from the local organization here.

Old Hunchukist a Rebel Body.

The "Old Hunchakist," from which the subsequent organizations have sprung, dates Its origin as far back as 1887, at which time it was organized in London by the revolutionary Armenians for the purpose of educating their young in the revolutionary ideas and teach them to always remain rebellious against the oppression of Turkey. Ten years later out of the dissatisfaction there arose the organization which is now a disgrace to the members of the old society and is a menace to the lives of the wealthy.

Their demands for money are made under tha guise of necessity of funds for the society; of course, it is necessary to secure funds for the maintenance of the society, and the practice of soliciting funds is in vogue even in the old society, but the money is at all times, in the latter, requested and not demanded.

The Dashakitz, established in 1896 [HOLDWATER NOTE: the year was 1890], is one of the strongest secret societies which are so numerous throughout Turkey and Russia, and many of the Old Hunchakists, since the desertion of the secessionists, have joined the former.

Investigation by the police yesterday disclosed that 41 Orchard street, the house reported once to have been the home of Bedros Hampartzooniian, the New York murderer, is occupied and owned by W. Meyer, a German, who never knew the slayer of the New York rug importer. The property at 41 Orchard street has been in the Meyer family fourteen years.

Within a few months came the murder of the Rev. Father Kasper of West Pullman, whose body, chopped to pieces, was found in a trunk in New York.

A Chicago man, who resides on the South Side, is said to be the bead of the Hunchakist, and in his hands are the records and books of the society, wherein is contained detailed accounts of all the crimes committed and also the record of all money received in the blackmailing game, according to the police.

Holdwater: note the line, "more powerful and dreaded than the Italian Mafia"... they got that right! The deadly Hunchaks and Dashnaks made the goodfellas look like pikers.

"Believe Me, You Die"


The Newark Advocate, July 25, 1907 [PIC]


Grim Notice Received by Wealthy Armenian Boston Merchant.

Boston, July 25 — Moses H. Gulesian, a wealthy Armenian merchant of this city, asserted yesterday that he received a postal card, bearing New York postmark, and signed "Committee of Revolution," informing him that he was to be killed like Hovannes S. Tavshanjian, the New York rug importer.

The postal card read:

"My Brother — We today have killed H. S. Tavshanjian, and next Monday will kill you. You are a millionaire and you will give nothing to our party. Believe me, you die.

"Committee of Revolution."

Mr. Gulesian said that when he received the card he thought it was a joke, but when he learned of the assassination of Tavshanjian he felt that the matter was serious

The message was written in English.

Armenian Priest is Indicted


The Fort Wayne Sentinel, July 30, 1907


Charged With Attempted Robbery in Connection With Murder Case.

New York, July 30.— Father Martoogesian, the Armenian priest, and former leader of the Armenian revolutionary Hunchakist party, who was arrested last night as a result of a police investigation following the murder of H. S. Tavshanjian, was indicted by the grand jury to-day on a charge of attempted robbery in the second degree. His bail was fixed at $25.000.

The murder of Tavshanjian, who was reputed to be one of the wealthiest Armenians in the country, was laid at the door of Armenian revolutionists. It has been the theory of the police that he was killed after he had repeatedly refused to supply money to one of the revolutionary societies. Following the arrest of Father Martoogessian and several other Armenians last night, however, the Hunchakist party issued a formal statement declaring that the party is in no way involved in the affair and that the men suspended [sic] of killing Tavshanjian long ago were expelled from the party because of their methods of obtaining money from wealthy fellow countrymen.

Shocked and Filled With Horror.

The statement says: "Like all patriotic and law-abiding Armenians, the members of the Armenian revolutionary Hunchakist party have been shocked and filled with horror and consternation by the cowardly assassination of their honored countryman, the late H. S. Tavshanjian. They are especially indignant because the disreputable leaders of the small gang of blackmailing murderers presume to call themselves Hunchakists, degrading thus the honored name of the patriotic party.

"For various acts of treachery and heinous crimes of blackmail, they Were finally expelled from the Hunchakist party. Yet they have always endeavored to call themselves "re-organized Hunchakists," exploiting thus the great name of our old party — so loved companies be enjoined and restrained ! and honored by all patriotic Armenians.

"These alfarists during their decade of existence, have done nothing for Armenia, but bring disgrace to her fair name by their heinous crimes of blackmail and murder. The scandal of their misdeeds reached such a point that even their own followers protested and rebelled lately.

Want Distinction Made.

"Therefore the executive committee of America of the Armenian revolutionary Hunchakist party earnestly requests the impartial press and the people of America not to confound this gang of blackmailers with the old mother party, and hold her responsible for its shameful and loathsome misdeeds.

"The Hunchakist party during its twenty years of existence has raised funds for her heroic struggle against Turkish tyranny, only through absolutely voluntary contributions from patriotic Armenians."

This statement is called an "unofficial declaration" and is signed by the committee.

Arrests Are Made.

Following a searching examination of Father Martoogessian, the Armenian priest, who has been placed under arrest, in connection with the Tavanshanjian murder by attorneys of the district attorney's office several Armenians were taken into custody by the police. They were held as witnesses.

A big crowd gathered around police headquarters when. Father Martoogessian and other prisoners were being held there. By the time the prisoners were taken out of the building on the way to court fully 500 persons were crowded around the Mott street entrance. As the police and their prisoners came out the crowd began to hoot and jeer. A big gang of men at work on two new buildings across the street from headquarters quit work temporarily and joined in the demonstration against the prisoners.

Investigating Plots of Armenian Blackmailers


The Newport Daily News, July 31, 1907


Investigating Plots of Armenian Blackmailers

District Attorney's Forces and Police Ferreting Out Clues

NEW YORK, July 31 — District Attorney Jerome has taken personal charge of the investigation into the plots of the Armenian blackmailers which led to the assassination of H. S. Tavshanjian, and all the forces of the district attorney's office and the police department worked zealously today to ferret out more clues that would lead to the arrest of the murderer or murderers, who are believed to have masked their operations under the name of the Hunchakists, the Armenian revolutionary society. Several Armenians appeared today at the district attorney's office and were closely questioned as to methods of the dreaded band of blackmailers who systematically extorted large sums of money from their wealthy countrymen, under threats of death.

District Attorney Jerome is seeking every possible bit of information concerning Father Levond Martoogessian, the Armenian priest who is now held in the Tombs under $25,000 bail for attempted robbery.

A trunk is reported to have been found in Lowell, Mass., where Bedros Hampartzoomian lived, which is said to contain papers revealing the plots of the blackmailers. Handwriting experts examined today several letters which were sent to rich Armenians demanding money. The district attorney will obtain the handwritings of the Armenians now under arrest. The blackmailing letters demanded sums ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. The police have discovered that certain Armenians not only extorted money, but ran a "fence" where stolen funds were disposed of. The police believe that the blackmailers have not only been guilty of extortion, but have been robbing their victims as well.

The grand jury today found three additional indictments against Father Martoogessian; two charge attempted robbery and the third extortion. The Armenian priest later was brought before Judge O'Sullivan and entered a preliminary plea of not guilty. Monday counsel for the priest will file a formal plea [?] indictments against him.

- - - - - - - - - -


Trunk Found in Khachaderian's Room in Lowell Sent to New York

LOWELL, Mass., July 31 — In an effort to learn the details of the band of Armenians who are alleged to have conducted a campaign of blackmail and extortion, the police of this city are conducting a rigorous investigation in the local Armenian colony. Although the Armenians in Lowell number not more than 200, it is said that a revolutionary committee has been very active here.

All of the acquaintances of Bedros Khachaderian, or Bedros Hampartsoonian, as he is known in New York, the slayer of Hovannes Tavshanjian, have been interrogated by the police, but little information could be obtained than would throw any light uon the alleged blackmailing conspiracy. It was learned, however, that Khachadorian had been in America about five years, and after working for a while at Providence, R. I., came to this city where he was employed for more than a year in one of the cottonmills, leaving the city almost three weeks ago. While he made his home at a tenement house, 4 Corbelt place. His cousin, Stephen Martian, lived in the same building.

Yesterday, a representative of District Attorney Jerome's office came here from New York, and after a conference with the police visited Khachadorian's room on Corbelt place. He took from the premises a trunk belonging to the alleged murderer. What the trunk contained is not known. The trunk was taken to New York and will be turned over to District Attorney Jerome for investigation.

Father Martoogessian, the Armenian priest under arrest in New York, is known here.

The investigation of the Armenian plot is apparently ended here. The trunk is seized in the room formerly occupied by Bedros Khachadorian, accused of the murder of Tavshanjian, was sent to New York last night. District Attorney Jerome's agent left for New York this morning. Local Armenians do not believe the report that the murder of Tavshanjian was planned here.

- - - - - - - - - -


No Branch of Organization Has Ever Threatened Armenians

BOSTON, July 31 — M. Shakinian of this city, editor of an Armenian paper, sent a letter to District Attorney Jerome in New York today claiming to be the representative of the Reforme[?]chakist association in America, and declaring that no branch of his organization has ever sent any threatening letters to any Armenian. He denounces the reports that the members of the Hunchakist association in America and [im]plicated with the sending of the letters is malicious lies. He expresses a hope that the real instigators of the letters may be found.

A "Death Warrant"


Fitchburg Daily Sentinel, Aug. 1, 1907


Specimen of Letters Sent Out by Armenian Terrorists.

New York, Aug. 1.— Four indictments now lie against Father Levant Martoogeseian, the Armenian, who, it is alleged, sometimes laid aside his priestly robes to practice extortion and blackmail. The priest is just now the central figure In the conspiracy which, he district attorney seeks to prove, had for Its object the robbery of wealthy Armenians and led to the murder of the rug merchant, Tavshanjian, and others who refused to be be financially bled.

From the slayer of Tavshanjian, Bedros Hampartzoomian, as he is known here, the police hope to secure a confession establishing that the youth unwittingly was the agent of blackmailing terrorists. He is expected to make disclosures that will make easy the wiping out of a dangerous gang.

Of the three additional Indictments against Martoogessian, brought in by the grand Jury yesterday, two charge attempted robbery, as did the original indictment, and one alleges extortion. The latter charges that the priest was responsible for at least one of the blackmailing letters which quickly followed the death of the rug merchant.

This letter was mailed In New York on the afternoon of July 22, the day that Tavshanjian was shot. It was written in red ink in the Armenian language and was signed by the symbol of the terrorists, three hands with daggers uplifted, poised above a red heart. The letter Is directed to Gulabi Gulbenkian & Co. Brunswick building, New York, and Is headed "Death War- rant." It says:

"The executive of the Constantinople Armenian Revolutionary Terrorists' organization condemns to death Haroutian Gulbeukian, Gulabi Gulbenkian and Patrick Gulbenkian, the three brothers who entirely have deaf ears to all appeals for national freedom. Our executive board, having given its decision to Haroutlan and Gulabl Gulbenkian, in America, gives them 24 hours time to decide between their duty and death. Constantinople Armenian Revolutionary Terrorists' organization."

The letter is dated "Constantinople, June 21, 1907." Following the letter is a postscript, also in red ink, which reads as follows:

"Although neither prison nor hanging can prevent us from fulfilling our duty to the end, It Is necessary that you should know. If you betray this letter or cause harm to one hair on the heads of one of us — against that consider your whole family wiped out."

Before this letter came, Haroutian Gulbenkian, who Is the accusing witness against the priest, had received a blackmailing letter demanding $25,000, but had not complied with the demand. The sense of the Indictment is that tbe priest either sent the quoted letter or caused It to be sent.

It Is also alleged that on Sept. 15 Martoogessian threatened to kill or cause to be killed Bedros Hazanjian, a merchant of this city, unless the latter gave up $15.000 to the Armenian revolutionists. Further, it is charged that Martoogessian represented, or caused to be represented, to Miran G. Karagenslan, an Armenian, that he would meet death unless he gave $100,000 to the Armenian revolutionary fund. Karagensian, it is said, received this communication in the form of a letter on Aug. 29, 1905. The letter added: "The list is not finally closed yet. There may be several others, and you be the next."

The late afternoon developed an important witness when Magderich Lustrian, a blacksmith, was examined by Assistant District Attorney Manley. According to information later given out at the district attorney's office, the witness said that he had often attended meetings of the Hunchakist society, at which Martoogessian presided. Continuing, he is alleged to have stated that he knew of five different cases where men had been sent from this country to Europe at the instigation of a man named to murder persons. On two occasions. Lustrian said, he had been ordered to do murder, but managed In various ways to shift the responsibility.

Some time ago he was told that he would have to kill Nlkolat Milack, because at that time it was believed that Milack was a Turkish spy. According to Manley, the blacksmith made further startling admissions and furnished corroborative evidence of great Importance against the prisoner, who is declared by other Armenians to have been the moving spirit in the blackmailing band.

Society of Murderers Has a Written Constitution


The Marion Daily Star, Aug. 6, 1907


Society of Murderers Has a Written Constitution.


Life and Death Power Held Over Members.

Except in Cases of Emergency, Leaders Must Secure Authority from a Superior Before an Assassination Taskes Place — Murder is Made a Business by This Acquisition to New York's Populace.

New York. Aug. 6 — Armenian students are completing the translation of the Hunchakist society's written constitution, which fell Into District Attorney Jerome's hands yesterday. The instrument is only party rendered into English and it is believed the remaining sections will prove quite as startling as those translated yesterday. This document gives the leaders of the various sections the power of life and death over their own members, as well as outsiders who incur their emnity. It provides that the "dasnabads," or leaders, must secure authority from superiors before ordering assassinations, except, in cases of emergency.

While there has been at no time any doubt that the Hunchakists were acting along a regularly outlined campaign, New York authorities were surprised to find that they were acting under a written constitution. The investigators of the organization's doings are hopeful that the work of translation, as it progresses, may reveal the identities of the section leaders or the society's supreme head in this country.

The evidence of the written document may be supplemented within the next few days by a complete confession from Bedros Hampartzoomian, who assassinated Hovannes Tavshanjian and is now said to be on the verge of telling the police he committed the crime.

Hunchaks' Bloodthirsty Constitution


Fort Wayne News, Aug. 6, 1907



NEW YORK, Aug., 6.— Armenian students are completing the translation of the Hunchakists society's written constitution, which fell into District Attorney Jerome's hands yesterday. The instrument is only part rendered into English and it is believed the remaining sections will prove quite as startling as those translated yesterday. The document gives the leaders of the various sections the power of life and death over their own members, as well as outsiders who incur their enmity. It provides that the leaders must secure authority from superiors before ordering assassinations, except in cases of emergency. While there has been at no time any doubt that the Hunchakists were acting along a regularly outlined campaign, New York authorities were surprised to find that they were acting under a written constitution. The investigators of the organization's doings are hopeful that the work of translation as it progresses may reveal the identities of the section leaders or the society's supreme head in this country. The evidence of the written document may be supplemented within the next few days by a complete, confession from Pedros Hampartzoonian, who assassinated Hovannes Tavshanjian and is now said to be on the verge of telling the police he committed the crime.

Origin and Degeneration of Murderous Hunchakist Society


The Newark Advocate, August 6, 1907

CAPTIONS for the above read (clockwise from top left):

Scene in restaurant where Armenian Hunchakists Meet

Calendar seized in the rooms of the Hunchakist. (Dated Jan. 1904)

Mugurditch I. Catholicos or Porp of Armenian National Church

Rev. Levon Martogessian

The Armenian Cathedral at Etchitiadzen, holy see of the Gregorian Armenians

Beros Hampartzoomian


New York, August 6.— Since District Attorney Jerome began to cast his net about that particular pestiferous nest of Armenians which appears to practice intimidation and assassination as a business, the "Huchag," or Hunchakist, Society has loomed-into something of the dread notoriety peculiar hitherto to traditions of the Mafia, the Black Hand and the Camorra of Italian lineage.

It is as easy to glean conflicting stories of the origin, purposes and methods of the Hunchakists as of the that such an organization as the Black much advertised Black Hand enterprises usually associated with Italy's sons. Many educated Italians insist that such an organization as the Black Hand never had a real corporate existence in Italy or anywhere else, but that it is a mere phrase the fearsome import of which has been welded into a weapon by irresponsible and unscrupulous blackmailers. Similarly, many educated Armenians and Moslems, as well as Americans whose business dealings have familiarized them with social and political conditions in Turkey and Syria, sneer at the so-called Huntchakist Society, and maintain that if it ever had any loftier purpose grounded either in patriotism or religion it degenerated long ago into an unorganized system of blackmail and outlawry, devoid of both centralized authority and patriotic inspiration.

Just as cheap swindlers have used the new inspiring "Black Hand" menace to extort money from timid victims, these men will tell you, so a lot of Armenian scoundrels, most of them exiles from their country for their country's good, have sought to gratify cupidity, personal jealousies or revenge by recourse to the Hunchakist traditions for fearsome oaths, secret plottings and death penalties.

Organized Armenian Assassins Arrested


Daily Nevada State Journal, August 14, 1907


NEW YORK, Aug. 13.— District Attorney Jerome announces the arrest of the ringleaders of the Hunchikist secret society and the obtaining of important confessions therefrom, which will end their organization.

Detectives have secured much evidence regarding murders committed by men connected with this society.

Under the guise of a patriotic organization for freeing Armenia in Asia Minor from Turkish rule, the society has levied blackmail on wealthy Armenians for many years. Mr. Jerome says the American headquarters have been at Lowell, Mass , and taht [sic] the members are fanatics as reckless and indifferent to their own fate as are the nihilists of Russia.

The greatest difficulty has been experienced in obtaining information from local Armenians. It has been necessary to send to Paris, to the headquarters of the Federation the Armenian Revolutionary Committees, to learn the facts. This federation is called the Drochagjst organization, and is opposed firmly to the Hunchakists. It is the Drochagists who are actually fighting in Asia Minor and most of their members are upright and honorable men. The Hunchakists have frequently resorted to murder in their bitter fight against the Federation members. Mr. Jerome says it is the worst case of organized murder and blackmail taht [sic] this country has ever known.

Holdwater: This account got a few things right... and one thing dead wrong. "Under the guise of a patriotic organization"? Absolutely. "Members are fanatics as reckless and indifferent to their own fate..." That one was half right. Indifferent to the fate of other Armenians whose lives they would be putting at risk would have been more geared to the truth. As far as the "Drochagists," meaning the A. R. F. or Dashnaks, being "upright and honorable men"... was the author out of his mind?

And how about the Hunchaks' getting the credit up till that point for having committed the "worst case of organized murder and blackmail" in the history of the USA? You go, Hunchaks!

Hunchak Den Found Stocked Up with Weapons


The Fort Wayne Sentinel, August 14, 1907


Murder Tool Chest Filled With Poisoned Knives, Pistols and Bombs.

New York, Aug. 14.-When the grand jury yesterday began its hearing of the newly found evidence which is expected to start a string of Armenian man hunters toward the "little room of the iron door" at Sing Sing, it had something more tangible and perhaps more convincing than the mere word of trapped conspirators to go by. It had the deadliest collection of murder tools that has ever been found under one roof in New York city.

Acting upon information embodied in the statement of Kissak Jelalian, a squad of detectives went late yesterday afternoon to a dingy tenement at 317 East Forty-ninth street On the ground floor of this building is an Armenian restaurant, where, it is now known, many killings have been plotted by the dreaded Hunchakists.

Murder Armory in Cellar.

The detectives went straight TO the coal cellar. In a bin they found a ton or more of hard coal. Lump by lump they removed the coal. Underneath was a cunningly devised trapdoor. They raised the trapdoor and there was a veritable Bluebeard's tool chest.

Arranged neatly in rows were knives with poisoned tips-deadlier than a rattler's fangs; revolvers of a certain unique type, like the revolver that killed the millionaire rug merchant, Tavshanjian, in Union square three weeks ago; bottles filled with drugs, the vapors of which are fatal; bombs enough to blow an ordinary building into powder. It was the workshop of the Hunchakists that the detectives had unearthed under a commonplace coal bin.

Medieval ingenuity had been combined with modern invention to insure a perfect job every time agents of the society might go after a marked man. For example, there were three slender little files, a scratch on the skin with the point of one of which would mean death, for each file's tip had its coating of poison, just as Jelalian had said.

Poisoned Daggers In Collection.

Three long daggers were similarly treated, so that the wounds would be fatal, even though the blades might fail to reach a vital organ. Under the seals of three well stoppered bottles was hydrocyanic acid, better known as prussic acid, even the fumes of which are dangerous.

There was an iron bomb and powder to fill it, with fuses and other attachments to set it off. Wooden molds for making bombs, a steel chisel, a bottle of sulphate of antimony and a jar of unidentified white powder were also found.

For two hours yesterday District Attorney Jerome, three of his assistants, Nott, Manly and Perkins, and Deputy Police Commissioner Woods examined all the Armenians who have been arrested in the last few days. At the end of the inquiry all the prisoners except Jelalian, who has confessed his share in the murder of Tavshanjian, were sent back to cells at police headquarters. The district attorney took Jelalian before the grand jury in tho afternoon.

After spending some time in the grand jury room, where he left a long typewritten statement that had been prepared by Deputy Police Commissioner Woods, the district attorney went before Judge Foster, in general sessions, taking with him Jelaiian and Alie Booznijian.

Confessions Reveal Death Plot.

This Booznijian, like Jelalian, has admitted that he served the Hunchakists until he discovered that he was being used as an agent to promote murder and blackmail. However, he insists that he did not go as far as Jelalian, who guided the assassin of Tavshanjian to the rug merchant's place of business in Union square and pointed out the victim to him.

Judge Foster committed the two Armenians to the house of detention in bonds of $5,000 each. It was stated that they would be taken before the grand jury again tomorrow. Answering a question put by a reporter, Mr. Jerome said:

"The bullet that killed Mr. Tavshanjian has been examined closely in the light of recent developments. I don't think it was a poison tipped bullet. It was a .38 caliber metallic coated bullet, but not a poisonous bullet."

It was rumored about the criminal court building that the confession of Bedros Hampartsoonian, the assassin, now in the Tombs, implicates many Armenians in this city.

Jelalian, who was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of being concerned in the murder of Tavshanjian, made the confession which started the police on the trail of Hunchakists to District Attorney Jerome last night. Jerome questioned him for four hours, and. it is said, got every detail of the crimes and conspiracies of the Armenian blackmail and murder gang.

Ringleaders Confess

The Washington Post, Aug. 14, 1907


Hunchakists Admit Blackmail and Murder.


Police Announce that Kassak Jelalian, Arrested Sunday Night, Has Told that [?]Directed Slaughter and Mutilation [?]Jartaman and Assassination of Rug Merchant — Leaders Arrested or Fleeing

New York Aug 13 — According to an announcement by District Attorney Jerome and Deputy Police Commissioner Woods early this morning the detective bureau officers have arrested the ringleaders of the Hunchakist secret society and obtained confessions from them which will end the existence of the organization.

Kissak Jelalian arrested Sunday nlght confessed to Mr. Jerome the police say. After a grueling examination which lasted for more than six hours that it was he and no other who had directed the murders of Father Kasper Vartaman, whose body was cut to pieces and the wealthy rug merchant Tavshanjian killed as he was entering his office near Union square.

Pointed Out Doomed Man

He furthermore declared it is said that he has stood by while Bedros Hamptzoomian waited for the coming of the victim and pointed out the doomed man.

It is given out by Detective Petrosino who has had the actual investigation !n charge, that Father Martoggessian who has been under arrest in connection with the murders is not directly connected to the society though he is still believed to have known a great deal of its inner workings.

Lieut. Petrosino of the New York detective department recently encountered in Boston an Armeniam named Manoojian who offered his services. Manoojian furnished information enabling Petrosino to send a wire to this c?ty that resulted in the arrest of Borhas Alltepunerjian.

Find Daggers and Bombs.

The police searched the building where Alltepunerjian lived and in the cellar under a co?il heap? protected by boards they found poisoned daggers, small bombs, a quantity of poisoned bullets, revolvers and several large bombs of hydrocyanlc acid and sulphate of ammonia as well as chemists' scales bullet molds and electric apparatus of various kinds.

Taken to police headquarters the man broke down and confessed. He confirmed the police said what they had already suspected that Kassak Jelalian was the head and front of the society.

Several other arrests were made during the afternoon by detectives. The police believe that with the exception of a few unimportant members now fugitives the principal members of the society are under arrest.

Holdwater: The author's contention in the first paragraph that these arrests would have ended "the existence of the organization" was way too premature.

The word "ringleaders" brings to mind the Armenians arrested in Istanbul on April 24, along with the rest of the Ottoman nation. Certainly some were innocent, but a good percentage were composed of fanatical murderers, as the kind we've been getting acquainted with. That is, the very men Armenian propaganda tells us were the "Armenian intellectuals and cultural leaders."

Is Priest a Murderer?


The Daily News [Frederick], August 16, 1907


Father Martoogessian Must Face Grave Charges When Arraigned.

Levont Martoogessian

Rev. Levont Martoogessian

New York, Aug. 16.— Father Levont Martoogessian, who was arrested after the murder of H. S. Tavshanjian and is now in the Tombs under $25,000 bail on indictments for robbery and blackmail in connection with the Hunchakist society, may soon be accused of a graver offense. This was predicted by the district attorney, when he asked that Martoogessian's bail should be made so heavy that he could not find a bondsman.

Acting District Attorney Nott had a long conference with two Armenians whose identity he would not disclose saying that if their names became known the terrorists might frighten them into silence. It is known these men gave information which will prove that Martoogessian knew more than has been suspected. It is declared he was aware also of the sending of Hunchakists to Boston to murder two Armenians who had displeased the terrorists.

When these two witnesses complete their story detectives will be sent to Boston to find corroboration there. With this done and the Tavshanjian ends adjusted, further charges will be made against the unfrocked priest.

Meanwhile Inspector McCafferty's detectives are searching for Arzoolan agent of the foreign Hunchakists, who is said to have been the head of the conspirators on this side of the ocean. He was last reported seen in Providence, R. I.

Mr. Nott has learned that Aram Tashlan, an Armenian recently convicted of murdering his brother, and now in state prison for life, was a member of Martoogessian's branch of the Hunchakists.

Armenians in Violent Pact


Fort Wayne News, Aug. 20, 1907



CHICAGO, Aug. 20 — An Armenian giving the name of Monoog Curezhin, forty years of age, who is in jail today charged with knowledge of the murder of an Armenian rug merchant in New York, is believed by the police to he a leading member of the Hunchakist society and efforts arc being made by the police of Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and Constantinople, to connect him with associations of Armenians in America and plots against the sultan. Two fingers of the prisoner's right hand are missing and he says he lost them while experimenting with explosives in Waukegan, Ill., preparatory to a trip to Turkey to assassinate the sultan.

Two years ago an Armenian priest and four Thessalians were found murdered in Minneapolis and their bodies thrust into trunks and closely packed with clerical raiment. Murders of less spectacular display occurred in the interim, culminating in the murder of Father Kasperkut, of Chicago, whose body was found in a trunk in New York, and the assassination of a New York rug merchant, who, it is believed, failed to contribute to the Huncnakist society.

Curezhin, according to the police to-day, made a full confession of his connection with the Hunchakist society and told of its purposes. Curezhin says 700 Armenian patriots are banded together in this country for the purpose of liberating their native land from the rule of Turkey. Every member of the society is trained in the use of explosives and almost any one of them, he says, is willing to blow the sultan and his entire retinue into eternity if the opportunity is presented.

Two Hunchakists exist. The oldest is devoted exclusively to acts of physical revolution and the later one to the levying, of funds as well as to the general plan. The prisoner has given the police the names of 500 of the members. He will ho released, as there is no specific charge against him.

Holdwater: He ratted out 500. Quick, get Soghoman Tehlirian on his trail; the assassin of Talat Pasha had experience in snuffing out other Armenian finks.

Locate Murderers of Armenian Priest


The Weekly Sentinel, Aug. 28, 1907


Three Armenians Who Committed Crime in New York, in Bulgaria.

New York, Aug. 28?.— Three Armenians wanted for tho murder of Father Casper, the Arkanian, have been located, It is stated today, in the Arna, Bulgaria. They escaped from this country by Montreal and lied to Marseilles, and eluded the police there and went to Bulgaria.

The murder of Father Casper was one of the most atrocious In the history of murders about New York. The country had been widely searched for his murderers, but. no definite trace of them could be found.

Hamparsum Boyadjian or "Murad" in USA

The Oxford Mirror, Jan. 16, 1908

Gen. Hempartzoonian Boyadjian, head of the Hunchakists, or Armenian Revolutionary society, is in New York to organize Armenians in America in armed bands to help the society in its effort to wrest their country from Turkey.

Holdwater: Since the authorities, particularly the New York police, had a good bead on what sort of criminals the Hunchaks were, one wonders how this mass murderer could have been allowed entry into the country in the first place.

Assassination Traced to New York


The Ogden Standard, Feb. 17, 1908


New York, Feb. 17.— Word was received in New York last night of the assassination in Egypt of an Armenian editor named Arplarian and the crime is traced directly to the Hunchakist troubles In New York which have resulted In the murder of several men here, notably that of a wealthy rug merchant named Tavshanjian, who was shot in Union Square last summer and for complicity in whose murder Father Martgoosian, a prominent Armenian, is soon to be tried. Armenians here say that after the murder of Tavshanjian here Arplarian published numerous editorials In his paper in Cairo, demanding that the perpetrators of the crime be punished. They believe that his assassination is the result of these publications and believe that the crime was committed by several Armenians who went to Egypt from New York for the purpose of frightening New York Armenians and preventing their testifying against the Hunchakists here.

Say He Guided Assassin


The Washington Post, Aug. 13, 1908


New Arrest Made in Hunchakist Murder Case.

Incriminating Evidence of Armenian Blackmailing Conspiracies Alleged to Have Been Found in His Room

New York Aug 12. — In Kisaak Jelalian arrested early to-day and taken to the Tombs, the police believe they have the man who piloted Bedros Khachadorian to his victim H. S. Tavshanjian, the Union Square rug merchant assassinated as the result of an Armenian Hunchakist conspiracy.

Seven suit cases believed to contain papers of great Importance in the murder plot were said to have been found in Jelalian s room. Translators were put to work on them at once, but it will be some time before their contents are known. There will be other arrests to-day the police think and they admit that sensational developments are looked for.

Detectives are searching for evidence to connect Jelalian with Levont Martogessian the unfrocked priest indicted for attempted robbery and extortion.

Jelajian Is thought to be the man with whom Bedros lived while he was here waiting for an opportunity to serve the blackmailers. The prisoner was arrested by Detective William H. Tiche of the district attorney's staff and lives in West Forty second street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. That Bedros came directly from Lowell, Mass. to Jelalian and that the latter went with him to Union Square on the day Tavshanjian was slain is the belief of the detectives. It was Jelalian they think who sent the numerous blackmailing letters mailed immediately after the assassination.

Khachadorian attended a meeting of Hunchakists in Lowell before he left. There it was decided to remove Tavshanjian and Khachadorian was selected as the tool.

At this meeting $300 was raised for the murderer's expenses and he left Lowell and went to Chelsea where he remained half a-day and then came to New York.

Five days before the murder of Tavshanjian, Jelalian was seen standing in East Seventeenth street Union Square, watching the store of Tavshanjian. He was noticed by a man at a rug store in the vicinity who knew that he belonged to tho murderous Hunchakist band. He watched him for about fifteen minutes.

Jelalian has been in this country for about six years. He has never been known to work very much but seemed to have no difficulty In living without work.

He was generally known by Armenians as a member of the murderous Hunchakist Society.

In the Tombs, Khachadorian is believed to be in daily communication with Martogessian, the priest leader of the Hunchakist. When first told that he had been deceived as to the character of his victim, Khachadorian expressed great regret and declared he would unfold the whole plot and give evidence against the members of the society. Then Martogessian was arrested and confined in the Tombs, and Khachadorian has undergone a change of heart. He seems in mortal fear of the priest.

Jelalian's arrest it is expected will be followed by several more in this city and Boston Detectives have the suspects under surveillance.

(The following article appeared directly underneath)


Admit Threatening to Kill Youth Unless Mother Paid $100

Special to The Washington Post. New York Aug. 12?— Charged with attempted blackmail and with sending threatening letters through the mails, two fifteen year old boys Were arrested early this morning by Acting Captain O'Day of the East Twenty second street station and sent to the Children's Society for safe keeping until their case can be tried in the Children's Court.

The boys gave their names as Peter Boyle of 241 East Twenty-first street and Palmer Murcha of 229 East Twenty first street. It Is charged that those boys who were dragged out of bed by the police shortly after midnight, had written a threatening letter to Mrs. A. C. Schupp of 204 East Twenty first street, demanding $100 and threatening to "take away your son and kill him if the money failed to be forthcoming" when a man with a green necktie and a white cap passed her stoop on the night of Saturday last.

The letter read as follows "Dear Madam, If you don't give $100 to a man with a green necktie and a white cap who will pass by your stoop tonight at 10 o'clock your son will be taken away and killed. BEWARE."

The boys admitted to the police that they were guilty.

Holdwater: How heartwarming that the Hunchaks served as inspiring role models for some of America's youth.

Assassin is Put to Death


The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Dec. 6, 1909


Armenian Revolutionist Dies for Murder of Countryman.

Bedros Hampartzoomian

Bedros Hampartzoomian

New York, Dec. 6.— Bedros Hampartzoomian. the Armenian slayer of H. Tavshanjian, the wealthy rug merchant, was put to death in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison today.

Hampartzoomian, an agent of a circle of a revolutionary society, the Hunchakists, had demanded sums of money from the rug merchant to aid in overthrowing the sultan of Turkey. Tavshanjian refused the demand and one day he was called to the door of his establishment and shot down by Hampartzoomian.

 Archbishop of Armenian Church is Assassinated

As explained in the intro, an exception is made to the "1900s" theme of this page, in order to provide the Dashnaks with murderous equal time.

The Fresno Bee, Dec. 25, 1933


Four Men Held For Christmas Butcher Knife Murder Of Leon Tourian


Strife Over Pro-Soviet Policy Declared Motive For Fatal Attack

(By The Associated Press)
NEW YORK, Dec. 25.— Four men were held to-day in connectlon with the murder of Archbishop Leon Tourian, head of the Armenian Church of North and South America, yesterday in the Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Church.

Martin Mazian, 41, and Asjan Yerjianen, 42, were booked on homicide charge. Matos Leylegian, 39, and Nishan Sarkisian, 38, were arrested a few hours after the murder, which occurred as the archbishop moved up the church aisle.

The four men live in New York. Mazian and Yerjianen admitted being present, but denied having had anything to do with the murder of the prelate, police said.

The Holy Cross Apostolic Church was shuttered and silent to-day amid the chorus of Christmas hymns from neighboring houses of worship, !ts altar desecrated by the blood of its primate, stabbed to death as he opened Sunday morning's services.

Archbishop Tourian was murdered before a .horrified congregation by a band of political assassins as he moved up the aisle in the colorful processional march. The killers closed in on the prelate silently and swiftly as he passed the rear pews behind his accolytes [sic] and choir.

Stabbed Three Times

Under a rain of knife-thrusts he dropped the cross ho was holding aloft and crumpled without a cry 1o the floor, where he died while the enraged crowd was still struggling with his murderers. He had noon stabbed three times in abdomen.

The suddenness of the crime anrl the uproar which followed made it difficult for the police to find out how many men, had been in the attacking group or how many had participated in the actual killing.

One of the assailants hurled a hlood-stalned knite in the direction of the altar and dashed toward the rear of the church, where he was turned back into the crowd by the gun of the prelate's personal bodyguard, drawn too late to avert the killing.

A moment later a police officer fought his way through the milling worshipers [sic] and rescued Leylegian and Sarkisian. who were being beaten by members of the congregation.

Other groups of police made surprise raids on the two principal Armenian clubs of, the city, questioning some 300 persons. Two other men, one of them a brother of Leylegian, were taken into custody and later released.

Pro-Soviet Policy Blamed

It seemed fairly well established, police, said, that.the cause of the attack was the militant pro-Soviet attitude of the archbishop, against which a minority of the American church membership have consistently fought, an antagonism which had become so acute as to cause the archbishop to hire a bodyguard nnd to employ the utmost precautions at the hotel in which he lived. where a complete, identification was necessary for admission into his apartment.

Archbishop Tourian, who was 55 years old, came to this country in 1931 from Armenia, where a republic supported by and friendly to the Soviet had been established in 1920. The archbishop had been outspoken in his approval both of the government and the Soviet. Exiled supporters or the old regime have bitterly opposed him for this attitude.

A Christmas bazaar which was to have been held at the church last night wns postponed. Because of the murder the church can not be used again until it has been reconsecrated. Police are continuing their investigation. They attributed responsibility for the slaying to Dashnag or Tashnag, a supposedly revolutionary Armenian society.

Repudiated in California

Assistant Chief inspector John J. Sullivan was told that the archbishop was recognized throughout his archdiocese except in Callfornia.

But even in the East feeling against the prelate was bitter among a small group, witnesses said, so much that at a recent picnic at Worcester, Mass., the archbishop was assaulted. Two men were arrested on this charge and a fine of $50 wns imposed on one.

Two factions have sprung up in Ihe church, police were told, since the archbishop came lo this country. On July 1st. last, he refused to speak at Armenian Day exercises at fhr world's fair in Chicago until the old Armenian flag was hauled down. Several men were arrested in a fight that followed.

At that time the archbishop, an imposing figure more than six feet in height and weighing 215 pounds, said he was following orders from the Catholicos, head of the Armenian Church throughout the world.

In September a group headed by the archbishop withdrew from the annual general assembly in St. Gregory The Illuminator's Church on East Twenty-seventh Street. The quarrel followed charges of pro-Sovietism against the prelate.

A separate meeting was held at which feling ran so high that police protection was obtained for the archbishop. The so-called anti-Soviet group asserted then that it would force his resignation. Since then, it was reported, the archbishop has been under police protection.

The primate, who came here from Manchester, England, previously had served in Bulgaria and Syria. During the world war he left Bulgaria with his people and King Ferdinand decorated him with the Bulgarian medal.

Archbishop Tourain was the author of seven volumes of sermons printed in England during the last nine years.

Holdwater: "They attributed responsibility for the slaying to Dashnag or Tashnag, a supposedly revolutionary Armenian society." The author is assigned a story dealing with Armenian terror, and he had no idea who the Dashnaks were. About as unprofessional and irresponsible of the similarly ignorant Scott Simon, who hosted a genocide "debate" for PBS.

What do you make of the fact that the murderers committed their crime so blatantly out in the open? Either they wanted to show the community they meant business, or they weren't thinking straight. Prof. Heath Lowry provided a little epilogue to the above (See link below):

...Not one individual in the crowd was able to identify a single one of the assailants. The New York District Attorney who prosecuted the subsequent trial of the nine man Dashnak cell responsible for the assassination, had the following to say in regard to the failure of a single Armenian present in the Church to testify against the assailants: “The detectives faced a wall of reticence which did not auger well for a solution of the mysterious killing. Either these Armenians wished to settle the feuds in their own way by murderous counterplots; or they were too much in fear for their own safety to disclose what they know. [Spectator, December 7, 1983]


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...Is to expose the mythological “Armenian genocide,” from the years 1915-16. A wartime tragedy involving the losses of so many has been turned into a politicized story of “exclusive victimhood,” and because of the prevailing prejudice against Turks, along with Turkish indifference, those in the world, particularly in the West, have been quick to accept these terribly defamatory claims involving the worst crime against humanity. Few stop to investigate below the surface that those regarded as the innocent victims, the Armenians, while seeking to establish an independent state, have been the ones to commit systematic ethnic cleansing against those who did not fit into their racial/religious ideal: Muslims, Jews, and even fellow Armenians who had converted to Islam. Criminals as Dro, Antranik, Keri, Armen Garo and Soghoman Tehlirian (the assassin of Talat Pasha, one of the three Young Turk leaders, along with Enver and Jemal) contributed toward the deaths (via massacres, atrocities, and forced deportation) of countless innocents, numbering over half a million. What determines genocide is not the number of casualties or the cruelty of the persecutions, but the intent to destroy a group, the members of which  are guilty of nothing beyond being members of that group. The Armenians suffered their fate of resettlement not for their ethnicity, having co-existed and prospered in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but because they rebelled against their dying Ottoman nation during WWI (World War I); a rebellion that even their leaders of the period, such as Boghos Nubar and Hovhannes Katchaznouni, have admitted. Yet the hypocritical world rarely bothers to look beneath the surface, not only because of anti-Turkish prejudice, but because of Armenian wealth and intimidation tactics. As a result, these libelous lies, sometimes belonging in the category of “genocide studies,” have become part of the school curricula of many regions. Armenian scholars such as Vahakn Dadrian, Peter Balakian, Richard Hovannisian, Dennis Papazian and Levon Marashlian have been known to dishonestly present only one side of their story, as long as their genocide becomes affirmed. They have enlisted the help of "genocide scholars," such as Roger Smith, Robert Melson, Samantha Power, and Israel Charny… and particularly  those of Turkish extraction, such as Taner Akcam and Fatma Muge Gocek, who justify their alliance with those who actively work to harm the interests of their native country, with the claim that such efforts will help make Turkey more" democratic." On the other side of this coin are genuine scholars who consider all the relevant data, as true scholars have a duty to do, such as Justin McCarthy, Bernard Lewis, Heath Lowry, Erich Feigl and Guenter Lewy. The unscrupulous genocide industry, not having the facts on its side, makes a practice of attacking the messenger instead of the message, vilifying these professors as “deniers” and "agents of the Turkish government." The truth means so little to the pro-genocide believers, some even resort to the forgeries of the Naim-Andonian telegrams or sources  based on false evidence, as Franz Werfel’s The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Naturally, there is no end to the hearsay "evidence" of the prejudiced pro-Christian people from the period, including missionaries and Near East Relief representatives, Arnold Toynbee, Lord Bryce, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and so many others. When the rare Westerner opted to look at the issues objectively, such as Admirals Mark Bristol and Colby Chester, they were quick to be branded as “Turcophiles” by the propagandists. The sad thing is, even those who don’t consider themselves as bigots are quick to accept the deceptive claims of Armenian propaganda, because deep down people feel the Turks are natural killers and during times when Turks were victims, they do not rate as equal and deserving human beings. This is the main reason why the myth of this genocide has become the common wisdom.